Cobec Manager published Working Across Disciplines Article

Posted on February 14, 2013
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Kevin Schutt, Manager at Cobec Consulting, Inc.,  has published an article in the Government CIO Magazine discussing his strategies for successfully working across disciplines.

“Working Across Disciplines: How We Can All Get Along”.

“If you find yourself needing to work across disciplines, it is an early sign of a step up in your career. You know the basics of your own discipline well, perhaps within a self-contained team, but to further the goals of your department, office, or organization, you now must work with others. One discipline or department alone does not create a successful organization–sales must work with IT, IT must work with finance, finance must work with human resources, and so on.

And although working across disciplines entails responsibility, it often goes without authority.  The other departments do not work for you. They do not work for the same manager as you and may not even report to the same executives you do.

So now you are given the responsibility to accomplish a task and you need something from these departments (buy-in, resources, etc.).  But they won’t work with you simply on the basis of your position in the organization. So the question is, without authority, how can you obtain the results you need?”

Continue reading Kevin’s full article here.