What We Do

Cobec Consulting is your solution.

Our mission is to deliver accurate, comprehensive, and defensible solutions that enable programs to make smart, informed decisions.

We are an energetic and innovative management consulting company that employs a variety of disciplines, methods, and tools to partner with our clients, helping them to shape the future success of their organizations—all at an exceptional value.

The Common Threads for Success

  • Appropriately structured and comprehensive performance-based acquisition and procurement strategy and execution
  • Robust, repeatable, and defensible cost, schedule, and risk analysis, validated independently
  • In-depth risk identification, analysis, management, and mitigation
  • Proactive program and project management best practices to include performance monitoring and reporting throughout the lifecycle
  • Sound and detailed systems engineering to address technical, schedule, and cost scope and risk


Cobec provides superior service and support throughout the Acquisition Life Cycle Phases from Concept & Design Development through Production & Solution Implementation, and Operations & Sustainment.



Data Visualization
FlightSync Airspace Analysis & Visualization
Custom Algorithm Development

Applied Data
Science Solutions

Big Data
Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Visualization
Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics
Operations Research
Cost Research and Analysis

Tools, Methods, and Models

Software development:
Tableau / R, Shiny, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL,
Cost estimation/analysis:
Cobec Cost Model, SEER-Suite, TruePlanning, ACEIT
Schedule development/analysis:
Primavera P6, MS Project, Steelray
Earned Value Engines and Reporting Tools
Microsoft Office Suite
Function Point Analysis
Data Mining/Classification
Cluster Analysis
Data Base Development


Innovation ensures we stay in the forefront of data analysis, interpretation, and visualization to continuously enhance our capabilities and solutions. Our Innovation Center is an arena within Cobec where new technologies, capabilities and initiatives are tested, designed and developed.

Unamanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

So you want to fly drones?  Cobec Consulting, Inc, has former FAA officials with UAS experience on staff to help you develop a UAS program and navigate the FAA.

Click here to read about how the UAS approval process works.  Let our experienced staff help you through the process. Here are some of the services we can help you with:

  • Developing a UAS Operating Manual
  • Developing Certificate of Authorizations (COA)
  • Consulting services for advanced UAS operations, e.g., Urban Air Mobility, Advanced Air Mobility, Package Delivery, and more.
  • Developing Waivers and exemptions:
    • 107 Waivers
    • 135 Waivers
    • Part 91 Waivers


Cobec’s Program Dashboard merges data from multiple disparate systems and locations into an interactive visualization.  Through the Innovation Center, Cobec began to consolidate program specific data into an NAS Enterprise Database  (another Cobec Innovation Center product), as well as applied automated Quality Control processes to ensure data integrity when developing Program Dashboards.  These Program Dashboards allow our customers access to quality data, real-time, in custom user-defined interfaces to aid in complex decision making.

An example of a Program Dashboard is our Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR) Program Dashboard.  This dashboard displays real-time schedule information regarding the installation of terminal automation equipment across the United States and Alaska.  When an installation is delayed, waterfall impacts can be assessed immediately and the Program Manager is able to make a decision to minimize the impacts and ensure the program continues to deploy successfully.  It also provides automated reports of site status, configurations, operational software baseline, point of contacts, and a variety of other useful information to aid the decision making process.


FlightSync is a suite of tools and capabilities developed by Cobec to assess airspace, airport and flight performance. FlightSync models Terminal, En-route (ARTCCs) and Oceanic Environments. All of these tools and capabilities aid in better analyzing and understanding National Airspace System (NAS) behaviors.  FlightSync offers the ability to visually analyze specific behavior and establish the relationship and context between NAS elements.  Cobec developed FlightSync to help our clients articulate current and future NAS behaviors and operational value.